Monday, 25 May 2015

RC Airboat

My friend and I built this RC airboat just for fun. We used pink insulation foam from home depot, and we fiberglassed the bottom so that we could drive it on asphalt. We got the airboat to go so fast on asphalt that it did a backflip. We used a 1200kv NTM propdrive motor, a 20A Turnigy Plush ESC, a 4s 2200mah battery, and a waterproof high torque servo. We put all the electronics inside a waterproof food container. It was a blast to build and drive.


  1. That looks like crazy fun! Did you use a standard plane motor/prop/esc/receiver?

    1. yeah. we used a turnigy ntm propdrive 28-26 1200kv motor, 10x5 master airscrew prop, 30amp turnigy plush esc, and just a standard airplane radio.